Endless Nile Table

DATE : 12/07/11


"For high-profile and renowned international designer Karim Rashid, a “democratic” design sensibility is certainly essential. Rashid is not averse to experimentation and has a repertoire of work ranging from interiors, fashion, furniture and even music installations. Maybe that’s why his creations have been able to get enmeshed into every aspect of the consumer design culture.

The endless Nile Table, which is part of Karim Rashid’s Kairobjects collection, is inspired by the “slow and perpetual flow of the Nile River.” The sinuous curves of the Endless Nile Table provide a much needed respite from the usual customary frenzied lines, and further seem to highlight the designer’s tribute to the River Nile.

One can’t help but notice the strong sculptural element of the table that seems to unravel the designer’s affinity to diverse and disparate techniques and cultures. The use of DuPont™ Corian with a wooden base also lends an air of sensuality to the table.

Rashid is designing the table for Design Republic of Egypt, a furniture brand which has been formed by leading Egyptian furniture companies including Amr Helmy Designs, Fayek, La Roche, Meuble El Chark and Mohm. Their united goal is to spark world interest in Egyptian furniture trends and put the country on the global design map. Hence it comes as no surprise that the table has already been exhibited at major international fairs in Europe.

“The Egyptian furniture industry is now at a turning point, where the creation of a global brand and the development of an individual style is vital to build global business,” says Rashid.

The Endless Nile Table expresses fluidity and a convergence of a common design vision regardless of passing fashions and trends. The table successfully highlights Rashid’s inexorable pursuit of emphasizing a culture by creating an object that is decidedly striking and contemporary. Interestingly enough, the Endless Nile Table also bears the trademark Rashid stamp - at times capricious, at times personal, but always with an identity."

source: "www.3rings.designerpages.com", "www.designerpages.com"